When You Need a Home, We Want to Help

WKey with a house shaped keychain on top of a rental leaseould you like to live in a single-family home or multi-family residence in South Orange, Orange, City of Orange, Newark, Paterson, Bloomfield or Irvington? Do you like the cozy feel of townhomes or condos? Would you like to live in a home that feels like yours, with property managers that do their best to make it feel that way?

If so, you will enjoy renting from TFK Property Mgmt. We have a wide array of properties you can choose from, including some low-income housing.

We also offer

  • Tours to help you find the right property
  • Timely response to maintenance requests
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Easy, efficient, online tenant portal accessible day and night
  • Hands-on management to make sure you get what you need
  • Section 8 residences


But beyond all that, you’ll get the one-on-one attention you deserve as a tenant. We take the time to listen to what you have to say, respond to you and your family’s individual needs, and provide you with a solution that will work for all. It’s what we do.